Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I've learned on my hair journey

1-pH really makes a difference on my hair

2-Fingers make the best "comb"

3-Co washing isnt for everyone

4-Fairy knots comes with territory of being a natural

5-Crisco is a wonderful sealant!!

6-Finger detangling takes practice

7-Keeping hair stretched saves time,hair & my sanity lol

8-Soft hair doesnt always mean "moisturized" hair

9-DO NOT do your hair when tired,cranky,hungry etc :)

10-Fine hair is not thin hair & coarse hair is not "rough" hair

11-Change your regimen only if it needs it,dont try & fix what isnt broke

12-The definition of "unmanageable hair" is different for everyone

13-Apprieciate your hair for what it is now,dont "rush" your hair journey for the sake of wanting a longer length

14-Even if you have the same hair "type",what works for you STILL may not work for others

15-As hair gets longer,it does not get thicker (aka density)

16-the only "magic pills" for longer hair is;time,patience,& gentle handling

To be continued...

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