Monday, February 25, 2013

Updated Regimen Basics & PICTURES!!

This is kinda like a rough draft of the basics that I do with my hair. Some things have changed, so this is why I am reposting. I also threw in a few collage photos!!
Hope it makes sense lol if it doesn't, feel free to ask your questions in the comment section.

-1st week I wash with my black soap shampoo, usually scalp only & let the lather run down the length of the braids to cleanse them.

-2nd,3rd,4th & 5th week I rinse with water & deep condition only

-finger detangle before washing by spritzing hair with a  water/conditioner/oil mix in a spray bottle & a dime sized amount of my crisco & coconut oil cream for the ends

-wash & detangle hair in 9 sections, then loosely braid

-pre poo with my crisco & coconut oil mix

-rinse deep conditioner out with cold water

-moisturize as needed with aloe/water spritz

-use braids or bantu knots to stretch hair after moisturizing & sealing

-on "shampoo" days,I put oil on the crown of my head ontop of the lather to help prevent fuzzies

-sometimes I add honey to my deep conditioner for an added 'umpf'

I think that about covers it!

Till next time!!

Updated Wash Regimen & Staple Products

A few things have changed in my wash regimen, to save me some time & GRIEF :) its not much, but every little bit matters.

Staple Products
-Shea butter
-Safflower,castor & coconut oil
-Black soap
-Aloe vera juice
-Yes to cucumber/carrots body butter
-Silkience conditioner
-Garnier fructis come clean conditioner

(1)Wash day(soap)
(A)Wash day(water rinsing)

1/A-Dampen hair with my conditioner/water/ oil mix,finger detangle with a nickel sized amount of oil

2/B-Loosely braid hair in using 6 braids, band the ends to prevent unraveling

3-Apply soap mixture to scalp using applicator bottle, distribute a small amount of oil on the crown on top of the lather

C-Rinse hair & massage scalp w/ warm water for 5 or more minutes

4/D-Squeeze out excess water

5/E-Saturate hair with conditioner,and deep condition with cap 30 mins or a previously heated conditioner for 15 mins

6/F-Completly rinse out hair with cold water

7/G-Squeeze out excess water

8/H-Let hair dry under a tshirt or a microfiber turby for 15 mins

9/I-Moisturize with Yes To Carrots body butter, & seal w/ my crisco & coconut oil cream. Spritzing as needed if hair begins to dry,with aloe vera juice/water.

10/J-Put hair in about 20 braids for stretching

11/K-NEXT DAY-When braids are dry,take down each one & leave as is for a braid out,bun it, or do someother style

12/L-THAT NIGHT-Put hair in two ponytails using satin scrunchies. Moisturize w/ aloe vera spritz, & seal w/ crisco & coconut oil cream. Braid each ponytail, banding along the braid if needed & tucking away the ends. Mist a satin scarf w/ water, and tie it around my edges.

Length of Time:
•1hr 20mins-Prepoo,finger detangle & braid
•20 mins- Let pre poo sit
•15 mins-Water rinse or Shampoo
•20 mins-Apply conditioner for deep conditioning
•30 mins-Deep condition
•10 mins-Rinse out deep conditioner
•15 mins-Dry hair w/ turby twisty
•1 hr 40 mins-Moisturize,seal,braid for stretching

Total time-
4hrs 50mins

Till next time!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What has helped me,on my journey to a healthier me!

These are just some of the main things that keeps me going as I continue to shape up & strengthen.
Maybe, someone else will benefit from these as well.Enjoy!

•Not punishing myself for something I ate the day before,by either excess workouts or restricting what I eat.
•Knowing that there are no "bad foods", some foods may not be the healthiest, but nothing is bad.
•Eat what I want, when I moderation ;)
•Remembering that working out is more than just losing weight,for me. Its also pain management for whatever illness I have right now. Staying mobile keeps me & my muscles happy.
•Drinking 20oz water w/ every snack & meal. 10oz before & 10oz after.
•20 grams protein,5 grams fiber per meal & 10 grams protein,3-5 grams of fiber per snack
•Morning workouts before eating
•Staying active! Whether its jogging on the treadmill or swinging at the park. I love to swing!! Lol #bigkid
•Reading weight loss testimonials on CalorieCount or where ever & seeing the before & after photos.

Till next time!!