Thursday, November 1, 2012

My black soap shampoo

Things needed:
16oz water
5oz black soap
2oz honey or glycerin(optional)
5oz of your favorite oil
A pot
Steak knife
32oz microwave safe empty container
Wooden spoon

-pour 8oz of water into the pot and bring to a boil
-cut up black soap in small pieces & put into the boiling water.turn your stove on low to medium heat
-constantly stir until most of the soap is melted,making sure to scrape the bottom of the pot while doing so(some of your soap might not melt all the way,that's okay it will eventually)
-add your oil & glycerin or honey and the rest of your water to the pot
-continue stirring mixture untill heated all the way through
-turn off heat
-using the funnel carefully pour the shampoo mixture into your container do not put lid on yet
-set shampoo somewhere to cool,& when its finally cool to the touch put the lid on

Tips & warnings
-the shampoo mix will not be the consistency of the average shampoo,but it will lather
-works best using an applicator bottle to apply to scalp
-the shampoo mix will separate,lightly shake before using.
-once in the applicator bottle you can dilute with water (using a half & half ratio) to stretch the shampoo,it will still lather (this is what I do)
-the honey/glycerin acts as a humectant(drawing moisture to your hair) for your hair (your hair will not be sticky lol)
-the oils act as a buffer to keep the black soap from being to drying to the hair
-can also be used as a face wash
-you can also add essential oils to give it a fragrance and/or infuse your water with herbs/tea
-also try using aloe vera juice in place of the water

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