Friday, November 9, 2012

Curly Sue :)

At 6 this morning I removed 11 flexi rods from I have no clue how many twists & went back to sleep...its so not fun to sleep in rollers! :) I wonder if my curlformers will work? I could've tried but someone doesn't know their own strength & snapped it (it meaning the 'wand' that helps pull your hair through) in half :-) *evil laugh*(my wallet probably isn't laughing) this time I put a little setting lotion in my aloe vera juice spritz (instead of plain aloe vera juice & water),hoping for a stronger hold.
I've had these twists in for *thinks* 10 days? Yes...10 days. Why does it seem longer?As of right now, I've yet to separate the curls,so I kinda have the "little bo peep" look going on over here,but I will separate for the pictures.
Pay no attention to the "clouds" I am wearing & please excuse my sleepy face :) its been a long night y'all.


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