Monday, November 12, 2012

Regimen Basics;My Wash Day Regimen

(1)Wash day(soap)
(A)Wash day(water rinsing)

1/A-finger detangle with oil
2/B-twist hair (16-20)
3/C-band the ends of the twists to make 4 sections

4-apply soap mixture to scalp using applicator bottle
D-rinse hair & massage scalp w/ warm water for 5 or more minutes

5/E-squeeze out excess water

6/F-saturate hair with conditioner,and deep condition with cap 1hr or a previously heated conditioner for 30minutes

7/G-completly rinse out hair with cold water

8/H-squeeze out excess water

9/I-let hair dry under a tshirt or a microfiber turby

10/J-seal "dampish dry" hair with a water based cream

11/K-put hair in about 10 braids for stretching

12/L-NEXT DAY-when braids are dry,take down each one,lightly finger detangle,spritz with aloe vera juice & rebraid for further stretching using less braids or style

*I tweak this depending on the current style I'm wearing at the time,but this is my basic wash day outline

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