Friday, November 9, 2012

Updated products & regimen

•Staple Products
-Shea butter
-Safflower & castor oil
-Black soap
-EVOO spray(PAM)
-Fruit of the earth Aloe vera juice
-Yes to cucumber/carrots butter.
-Silkience conditioner
-Garnier fructis pure clean conditioner
-Fruit of the earth aloe vera gel

•Regimen basics/depending on style
-1st & 4th week/soap wash
-2nd & 3rd week/water wash
-finger detangle before washing using water & PAM evoo
-wash hair in banded,braided,or twisted sections
-pre poo with oil (PAM)
-rinse conditioner out with cool water
-moisturize as needed with aloe/water spritz
-use braids (12) to stretch hair after washing

•Small twist regimen
-twist tightly 20 times at the base,then loosely 25 or less times along the length
-pineapple high bun for sleeping
-twist with a butter
-curl twists with flexi rods when bored with style :-p
-twist on stretched hair
-leave in 2-4 weeks


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