Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thoroughly finger detangled hair = Really stretched out hair :)

After removing my twists for a twistout I was ready for a new look! The plan was to detangle my hair,wash,condition & retwist...yea,I didn't get so far lol after about 8 hours of finger detangling split between 2 days I was left with a huge lions mane!!! Laziness got the best of me,& since I rarely get to see my hair this way I decided to rock that style for the rest of that day as a treat. :) although I do enjoy wearing my hair out on those rare occasions,I do feel a tad bit...scrutinized o_O call me paranoid,but hey.

See my twist routine & takedown here, & a tidbit of how I finger detangle here.

No products or tools (besides claw clips) were used to do this,not even a blowdryer. Sorry I don't have to many pics :( will do better next time...promise.


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