Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Favorite Homemade Recipes!

Hair lotion
62g crisco
46g condtioner
1tbsp glycerin
1tbsp oil
*I find that I use this recipe more so in the warmer months as a sealant.

Black soap shampoo
16oz water
5oz black soap
2oz honey or glycerin
5oz oil
*I love this!!! :) it did take me awhile to finally get the ratios right. I have the How to guide on making this in this post here. I use this in an applicator bottle,4oz shampoo mix to 4oz water & it still lathers like crazy! Glycerin is an option,but I usually use honey instead :-p no,it doesn't leave my hair sticky. As in most natural products,there will be some separation so you need to lightly shake it before use.

Twisting butter
17g conditioner
34g crisco
1 tbsp honey
10g shea 
*This one also took awhile to get the ratios right,but this is what I usually do my smaller twists with & not so much with other styles. Not even medium twists.

Note: The conditioner I usually use for my recipes are the Garnier Fructis 'pure clean'(if I want a thicker consitency) or the Silkience Spa Haus line found at the dollar tree. Both are silicone free.


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