Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Regimen Basics;Finger Detangling

Detangling...*play horror movie music here* one of the most time consuming parts of natural hair care. In the beginning we've all heard the basic "slather on tons of conditioner,and grab your wide tooth comb" story,and for many that option still works (so keep on keepin on)but for me,it does not. I like to finger detangle.

Finger detangling is just that,detangling with your fingers. Some have actually ditched their detangling tool all together! I myself have not used a "tool" in about 2 or 3 months (lost track).I found that my fingers do just fine espcially since I wear stretched styles 95% of the time (twists/braids,etc). Wearing those type of styles prevents too many shed hairs or tangles from accumulating since the hair is kept in a stretched state.

Dry detangling seems to work best for me,because once my hair becames swelled with water its so fragile. But I have tried finger detangling with conditioner drenched hair. Now some might be looking at this post crazy right now like "whaaat?!" Because in the natural community 'dry' & 'detangle' shouldn't even be in the same sentence,right?
Wrong!!! (Respectfully of course)

Here's a rough rundown on how I dry detangle;

1-separate hair into workable sections

2-mist the section being worked on with aloe vera/water mixture a few times,it should be not be soaking or even damp.just enough to be flexible.
*note-the section should be the width of two fingers or less,also you may be asking "we'll if you mist your hair,that isn't exactly dry detangling". Technically,no the hair isn't dry anymore after misting. But opposed to a hair full of conditioner and/or water,it is.

3-take favorite oil or butter (I like to use one of my crisco whips) for slip,& apply about a finger tip full to the ends first

4-work out any tangles or knots from the ends by slightly pulling the hair apart.separating the "cobwebs" :) once the ends are clear,start moving up towards the roots repeating the process

5-pinch the hair at the roots with pointer finger & thumb, then lightly slide down the hair shaft applying "pinching pressure" as you go down.this method will remove the can also use your pointer and middle finger the same way,I call this method it "scissor smoothing" :-) because your fingers look look like scissors!! Lol (duh huh?)

6-twist up the finished section and move on to the rest!

This may seem like it will take centuries to do,right? We'll it does. Lol but the best part is the better you become at it (practice,practice,practice!) ,the faster time seems to go by.
I've been doing this for about 2 years now,so I know my hair.I can actually finger comb my hair without using a mirror.I find doing this is actually better,because I litterly have to feel around depending solely on my fingers instead of my eyes first & fingers second. Its as if I'm more patient with my hair doing it that way,my senses are sharper making me more aware of how much tension I'm actually using.

Do you finger detangle? Why or why not? What are some of your techniques?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Re twisted!!!!!

I've been talking about taking down those twists I put up on 9/11/2012 for the longest! We'll,this past Thursday I finally started...and didn't finish untill that saturday lol I was running low on energy,so maybe that's why it took so long. I twisted with a butter I made (shea,crisco,conditioner,aloe vera juice,cocoa butter) and like the last two sets I've done,I didn't keep it tight all the way down.I twisted really tight about 20 times around at the base,twisted somewhat loose throughout the middle & tight again for about 15 times at the end to secure it. To maintain them,I put them in a loose bun on top of my head like a unicorn :-p a technique commonly known as pineappling,and every 2 days or so I butter my ends & lightly mist all over with an aloe vera juice/water spritz. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Its been a tough one...

Today is,one of my favorites! I love worshipping God & fellowshipping with other believers. As we all know,most services start early in the morning & mornings are tough for me but not for the reason you might think. I'm in some serious pain early in the AM,its extremelly tough for me to get moving for anything because my body doesn't want to. Usually if I have an appointment that's in the morning,I set my alarm to wake me up maybe 2-3hrs earlier just to take my pain medication so then I lay in bed untill it kicks in & the pain ceases off a bit.
These last few weeks have been so trying. My meds are only working at 50% or less,I'm grateful for some relief but some of my hobbies,church activities, etc are cancelled and/or put on hold because I'm not functioning all to well...but you know what?? I'm still functioning!!! :-) maybe not how I was 4 years ago,but praise God I can still do some things. Now am I tired? Yes. Do I cry? Uh..yes. but have I given up? NO! And I wont. 

Isaiah 40:29 (GWT translation)
"He gives strength to those who grow tired and increases the strength of those who are weak."

Listen,we are human so there's going to be a time when we all will get tired,& we may even stumble and fall a few times. But what makes all the difference is when you get back up. We cant wallow in our failures & the things we can't do. How could we then be a blessing & help others when our focus is constantly on ourselves? And this is something I have to tell myself at times because its easy to think of all the things we are not able to do,but I know of somebody who CAN do all things and thru Him all things are possible. It feels good to write these words! You have no idea,it just perks me right up!
Its funny how just writing something positive can have such an impact on your spirit. :-)


Friday, September 21, 2012

Cooking with Crisco...but not really :)

Ok,in a previous post about my regimen,I mentioned my staple products one of them being my beloved...Crisco.
Yes,Crisco & I go way back...we'll to 2010.I first heard about crisco on the blog "nappy me".The author was mentioning some of the products she had used in the past,& crisco was one of them. I was like "huh?",but silly me being the product junkie & newbie I was went out & bought the smallest can I could.I read the ingriedients (mainly palm/soybean oil) and the rest was history!! There was a point where I almost gave up on it.I was putting to much on and I probably could've greased many cake pans with my scalp. :) But I kept on trucking! I started mixing it with shea butter,conditioner,various oils just trying to see what would work best for me & my kinks. Mind you,I never used this as a moisturizer. Crisco is not water based, 'tis oil based. But this is what I have learned; 1)crisco works as an AWESOME sealant! I remember when I tried to hop on the 'wet bun' wagon, pft! Yea ok,& tried sealing w/ crisco on WET hair!!! I tell ya,crisco sealed a little too well.I experienced the most horrible breakage due to my hair not being able to fully dry. 2)crisco is lighter than shea butter,but should be used in moderation.A little goes a long way! 3)crisco works best for me when mixed with other things.Depending on what I'm doing with my hair determines what I will be mixing with crisco.Shea butter,castor oil (various oils actually),conditioner,aloe vera juice,aloe vera gel,& water are some of the most popular things I have mixed with it. 4)crisco goes hand in hand with finger detangling.Since I've started finger detangling in early 2011,I've been using a crisco mix on misted or dry hair to help me get thru the tangles/knots prior to washing. 5)I have never flatironed or pressed my hair while being natural,so I can't say that it works or that you should try it for that.I've heard many who have done so with good results & if the spirit moves you to do it as well.Do so at your own risk. 6)I've heard many who use this on their face (o_O) do I? they? we'll its their skin,& if its working for them then I say keep on keepin on ;-) 
But anywho,those are the top things I can think of right now about my buddy Crisco. :) I declaire! I should be their spokesperson or Yea your probably right. Will I continue to use crisco? As long as there is air in this body...yes.


My Regimen (rough estimate) & staple products

(1)Wash day(soap)
(A)Wash day(water rinsing)

1/A-finger detangle with oil
2/B-twist hair (16-20)
3/C-band twists in 4 sections

4-wash scalp and hair w/ soap mixture,rinse out with warm water
D-rinse hair & scrub scalp w/ hot yet comfortable water for 5 or more minutes

5/E-squeeze out excess water

6/F-saturate hair with conditioner,and deep condition with cap 1hr

7/G-completly rinse out hair with cold water

8/H-squeeze out excess water

9/I-spray on leave in(20 pumps conditioner/aloe vera juice in spray bottle)and squish thru hair

10/J-let hair drip dry damp for 1-2hrs

11/K-retwist each twist while sealing with a light butter

Moisturizing & sealing
(Done as needed)

1.Spray hair with water untill damp
2.put on plastic cap untill steamy (30min-1hr)
3.rinse hair with cold water (3-5mins)
4.squeeze excess out,& use twisty turby for the rest
5.saturate hair with spray leave in
6.use t shirt or microfiber towel/turby to get out the excess
7.seal ends with crisco cream

My products

Shea butter
Safflower oil
Castor oil
PAM evoo spray
Any silicone free conditioner
Garnier fructis conditioner
Sallys cure care conditioner
Black soap
Bee & flower soap
Aloe vera juice

Explaination;when I made this regimen (well put it in writing)it was for hair that's in maybe 20-30 twists and not the many 87 loosely installed twists I have in now.But I still can use this as a guideline,so therefore tweak as needed to fit my current style.I write down a lot of things not just hair related,because I have a habit of forgetting what worked.I hate that! Lol because then I have to try to remember starting the whole process again.As for my products,I have a huge jug used from a previous conditioner that I pour all my conditioners into.Weird right? :) I mainly do this because I don't like tons of bottles hanging around the bathroom.The same goes for my oils,the are mixed together in one container.And I'm pretty sure you noticed crisco huh? Yes *sigh* crisco has been my partner for pretty much my whole hair journey.There's a lot I have to say about that so,I'll probably do a separate post.My black soap and bee & flower soap are made into my own shampoo,I'll try to remember to post my recipe for that as well in another post.

We'll that's all for now!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

To Tackle the Twists

Ugh,my hair needs to be done...but I have these twists in...and I'm tired,see my problem? :) have you ever had the same issue? Probably have huh? Anywho,these bad boys took me around 6 hours to do.I did my usual wash regimen on Monday last week,& on the next day twisted my hair.I didn't do them the usual way either,I twisted somewhat loosely.Usually,when you twist you keep it kinda tight all the way down.
I plan on installing my yarn braids when these come down,now when that is...I have no clue.

Stay tuned!!

Pain :(

Yes,pain.Its an everyday thing for me.I wake up hurting & go to sleep hurting.Sometimes its just my legs,sometimes its all four limbs.
But hey,where there is pain there is life. :) and praise God I am still living.I have to say,I have learned quite a bit while going thru this.I have learned some humility,and more importantly I learned to wait on the Lord.Wait on what you say? we'll,when you wanna move and your body won't allow it then what can you do but wait.The year I started to hurt,oh wow I can tell you I was extremely depressed.Those days are over thank God.
But I have faith in knowing that my diagnosis is coming,all I have to do is continue waiting...which I will :)


The Quest for my diagnosis...

Yea,so short story I've had horrible pain in my knees since I was 8 eight years old. In 2011, I finally had enough courage to go find out whats wrong with them. But then I started having issues with my leg muscles twitching,burning,spasms,stabbing,numbness all kind of foolishness. It got difficult for me to walk, it just felt as if my body had started to go downhill. Now im having the same symptoms in my arms, all body parts have seem to have gotten much worse. Wouldnt i love to go back to the good ole knee pains that I started with lol
Ive been on a hunt since then to find out a diagnosis so I can get better treatment. It gets difficult at times because of my condition, my supervisor laid me off last year. So work lol Im laughing because you have to in these times, I refuse to be all down and depressed (been there done that) life is just to short and its not worth it. I feel as if Im getting closer. I have a list of pain management doctors of which I plan on seeing every last one of them if I have to.I found out that I was suppose to be seeing them to begin with, and not my rhumatalogist (of whom doesnt want to do anything but shove meds down my throat).I have not given up hope, and I will keep on truckin! I have my God who gives me strength each and every day, and throughout all the pain Im still breathing so that tells me something right there.Plus I have a best friend who helps me in daily tasks I no longer can do or cant do very well.What can i say I am blessed!!
Anywho,more details later!!!



I just want to welcome all you guys who have taken time out of your oh so busy life to visit my...BLOG!! im going to try and post as much as possible,Im kinda going thru an illness right now (of which im fighting for my diagnosis)but my goal is to blog as much as possible.

Thanks for stopping by,