Saturday, November 24, 2012

Quick Thought-Why the phrase 'good hair' isnt a good thing to say

  I'm sure many of you have heard this "you've got some good hair" *rolls eyes* such a pet peeve of mine & I'll tell you why.

  If there is such a thing as good hair,that means there must be such a thing as bad hair...right? Wrong!! How is it that something that was God given to you from birth be bad? And why would you give something on you such a title?
  When you make the decision to go natural, you are not only transitioning your hair, many of us had to transition our minds as well. Just because your texture isnt like someone elses,you can't drag a fine tooth comb thru in one pass (or any comb for that matter),or its difficult for YOU to manage doesn't make it bad. Not all of us were born with the know how to style our hair (I know I wasnt lol) but that's when you roll up your sleeves,do your research, ask questions & learn!
You can not treat your natural hair,as you did your relaxed hair, I repeat YOU CAN NOT TREAT YOUR NATURAL HAIR AS YOU DID YOUR RELAXED HAIR. The shoe won't fit.
  Know this,when you decide to take the plunge, you MAY NOT end up with curls. But again, that does not mean you have bad hair. Through many trials you will discover what works & what does not work for your tresses.Master your hair, & no one will know it better than you. ;)
  Also a quick note, if you have not seen any noticeable progress you may want to re evaluate your hair regimen (routine) because its obvious something isn't working. But that's okay!! :) we won't know everything in this lifetime,so don't be afraid to ask questions & take notes. We all can learn something from each other,and this goes for everybody not just us naturals :)
  I understand that not everyone will choose to go that route, which is a given since no two people are the same.
  In conclusion; the hair that grows from your scalp is beautiful. It is not bad,ugly or any other term that is taken to be something negative. It is your crown and it is AWESOME!!!


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