Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Super Dee Duper Braidout!!!

Earlier this week I FINALLY had my wash day after wearing small twists & then a twistout during a 2 week period,after washing I applied my "Yes To Cucumbers Cooling Body Butter" to damp hair,sealed with my safflower/castor oil mix & proceded braid my hair into 10 braids for stretching,then multiplying them into 26 on the next day.

This morning I removed them for a super defined braidout. I didn't put any oil or anything on my hands for shine or anything. I'm strange like that. :)
Also, I've done many braidouts,usually on less braids & they usually turn out kinda fluffy,this one shocked me by being a tad bit on the heavy side. Heavy meaning I have some serious 'swing' to it & it feels weighted like I have small braids in. o_O
Theres a few things that could've affected this;

The products used-I just recently started using that particular butter,which is more like a "cream" actually. I loved it so much,that it is now a part of my staple products...welcome home :)

My hair length-Its kind of a DUH situation here,because the longer your hair gets for some the more weight it has
:-p lol I should've known that.

The amount of braids- The smaller the braids the more defined the set is.

My hair was really detangled-I'm not saying my hair is usually "birds nest" tangled but I have to say that I did a do a mighty fine job finger detangling after removing my twists.

But uhm...thats all folks!! can't think of anything else to add,hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!!!


P.s. please overlook the unpainted fingernail :-) I'm trying to start a We'll hey,can't say I didn't try ;)

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