Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog feature:Nappturally Shy

Meet the very 1st "blog feature" here at Nappturally Nessa, Ms. Shyron!!! A very sweet & God fearing natural. I am honored to also call her my friend.

How long have you been natural? what inspired you to start your healthy hair journey?
"I have been natural for about 14 months now. I have always wanted to go natural, but I was unsure on how. I was told by several stylist my hair was way to thick for me to go natural. I tried once while pregnant, but did all the wrong things so it didn't work."

Did you encounter any negativity along the way?
"My family told me to go natural, but I was afraid, plus of what I was told. Now being natural yes! I am told alot too get a texturizer & I need to loosen my curls etc.."

What is your current regimen?
"I don't have a strict regimen. I love to experiment way too much for that.. LOL"

What are some of your favorite products?
"LOL, I am still going all the products I about as a product junkie.. but I like the shea moisture line,Lets Jam custard, V05, plus my BFF Vannesa is teaching me to make my own concoctions."

What are some techniques that you think made this journey a tad bit easier on you?
"The detangling process has never given me much trouble, but I have found a much easier way to do it. I prepoo, shampoo, condition as usual, but I don't detangle until I get out the shower.I section off, put in a good amount of moisturizer, and detangle...much easier."

Do you have some advice you wouldn't mind sharing that would help someone just starting their hair journey?
"Stay postive, your hair is beautiful no matter what ANYONE says. God blessed you with your texture, don't try to make your look like anyone elses. Also, there are no magic ingredients that will make your hair grow to much faster than 1/4 to 1 inch a month,and ofcourse moisture is your best friend."

Is there anything else you would like to share?
"Going natural is a process of trial and error, you have to figure out what works for YOU.Someone elses regimen may not work for you. Embrace your hair!! if you have kinky hair don't wish for it to be wavy,or any other texture. And most importantly have patience...although I'm personally still working on this one. LOL"

Where can we find you?(blog,facebook page,website,etc)
"I'm on Facebook, thats it, I respect bloggers who blog about their journey, but sadly too many try to tell them what to do."

Thank you so much Shy for gracing us with your beauty & wisdom!!! Sad to say that there are some who do tell you what to do with your hair, & then it becomes one of those "My way or the highway" situations. And you are super lucky to not have a struggle when it comes to detangling! That is such a tedious process to me.

Would you like to featured? Ofcourse you do!!! So please send your favorite photos (2-5) in an email with your first name & "Nappturally Me" in the subject bar.

Till next time!

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