Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Quest for my diagnosis...

Yea,so short story I've had horrible pain in my knees since I was 8 eight years old. In 2011, I finally had enough courage to go find out whats wrong with them. But then I started having issues with my leg muscles twitching,burning,spasms,stabbing,numbness all kind of foolishness. It got difficult for me to walk, it just felt as if my body had started to go downhill. Now im having the same symptoms in my arms, all body parts have seem to have gotten much worse. Wouldnt i love to go back to the good ole knee pains that I started with lol
Ive been on a hunt since then to find out a diagnosis so I can get better treatment. It gets difficult at times because of my condition, my supervisor laid me off last year. So work lol Im laughing because you have to in these times, I refuse to be all down and depressed (been there done that) life is just to short and its not worth it. I feel as if Im getting closer. I have a list of pain management doctors of which I plan on seeing every last one of them if I have to.I found out that I was suppose to be seeing them to begin with, and not my rhumatalogist (of whom doesnt want to do anything but shove meds down my throat).I have not given up hope, and I will keep on truckin! I have my God who gives me strength each and every day, and throughout all the pain Im still breathing so that tells me something right there.Plus I have a best friend who helps me in daily tasks I no longer can do or cant do very well.What can i say I am blessed!!
Anywho,more details later!!!


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