Sunday, September 23, 2012

Its been a tough one...

Today is,one of my favorites! I love worshipping God & fellowshipping with other believers. As we all know,most services start early in the morning & mornings are tough for me but not for the reason you might think. I'm in some serious pain early in the AM,its extremelly tough for me to get moving for anything because my body doesn't want to. Usually if I have an appointment that's in the morning,I set my alarm to wake me up maybe 2-3hrs earlier just to take my pain medication so then I lay in bed untill it kicks in & the pain ceases off a bit.
These last few weeks have been so trying. My meds are only working at 50% or less,I'm grateful for some relief but some of my hobbies,church activities, etc are cancelled and/or put on hold because I'm not functioning all to well...but you know what?? I'm still functioning!!! :-) maybe not how I was 4 years ago,but praise God I can still do some things. Now am I tired? Yes. Do I cry? Uh..yes. but have I given up? NO! And I wont. 

Isaiah 40:29 (GWT translation)
"He gives strength to those who grow tired and increases the strength of those who are weak."

Listen,we are human so there's going to be a time when we all will get tired,& we may even stumble and fall a few times. But what makes all the difference is when you get back up. We cant wallow in our failures & the things we can't do. How could we then be a blessing & help others when our focus is constantly on ourselves? And this is something I have to tell myself at times because its easy to think of all the things we are not able to do,but I know of somebody who CAN do all things and thru Him all things are possible. It feels good to write these words! You have no idea,it just perks me right up!
Its funny how just writing something positive can have such an impact on your spirit. :-)


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