Friday, September 21, 2012

Cooking with Crisco...but not really :)

Ok,in a previous post about my regimen,I mentioned my staple products one of them being my beloved...Crisco.
Yes,Crisco & I go way back...we'll to 2010.I first heard about crisco on the blog "nappy me".The author was mentioning some of the products she had used in the past,& crisco was one of them. I was like "huh?",but silly me being the product junkie & newbie I was went out & bought the smallest can I could.I read the ingriedients (mainly palm/soybean oil) and the rest was history!! There was a point where I almost gave up on it.I was putting to much on and I probably could've greased many cake pans with my scalp. :) But I kept on trucking! I started mixing it with shea butter,conditioner,various oils just trying to see what would work best for me & my kinks. Mind you,I never used this as a moisturizer. Crisco is not water based, 'tis oil based. But this is what I have learned; 1)crisco works as an AWESOME sealant! I remember when I tried to hop on the 'wet bun' wagon, pft! Yea ok,& tried sealing w/ crisco on WET hair!!! I tell ya,crisco sealed a little too well.I experienced the most horrible breakage due to my hair not being able to fully dry. 2)crisco is lighter than shea butter,but should be used in moderation.A little goes a long way! 3)crisco works best for me when mixed with other things.Depending on what I'm doing with my hair determines what I will be mixing with crisco.Shea butter,castor oil (various oils actually),conditioner,aloe vera juice,aloe vera gel,& water are some of the most popular things I have mixed with it. 4)crisco goes hand in hand with finger detangling.Since I've started finger detangling in early 2011,I've been using a crisco mix on misted or dry hair to help me get thru the tangles/knots prior to washing. 5)I have never flatironed or pressed my hair while being natural,so I can't say that it works or that you should try it for that.I've heard many who have done so with good results & if the spirit moves you to do it as well.Do so at your own risk. 6)I've heard many who use this on their face (o_O) do I? they? we'll its their skin,& if its working for them then I say keep on keepin on ;-) 
But anywho,those are the top things I can think of right now about my buddy Crisco. :) I declaire! I should be their spokesperson or Yea your probably right. Will I continue to use crisco? As long as there is air in this body...yes.


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