Friday, September 21, 2012

My Regimen (rough estimate) & staple products

(1)Wash day(soap)
(A)Wash day(water rinsing)

1/A-finger detangle with oil
2/B-twist hair (16-20)
3/C-band twists in 4 sections

4-wash scalp and hair w/ soap mixture,rinse out with warm water
D-rinse hair & scrub scalp w/ hot yet comfortable water for 5 or more minutes

5/E-squeeze out excess water

6/F-saturate hair with conditioner,and deep condition with cap 1hr

7/G-completly rinse out hair with cold water

8/H-squeeze out excess water

9/I-spray on leave in(20 pumps conditioner/aloe vera juice in spray bottle)and squish thru hair

10/J-let hair drip dry damp for 1-2hrs

11/K-retwist each twist while sealing with a light butter

Moisturizing & sealing
(Done as needed)

1.Spray hair with water untill damp
2.put on plastic cap untill steamy (30min-1hr)
3.rinse hair with cold water (3-5mins)
4.squeeze excess out,& use twisty turby for the rest
5.saturate hair with spray leave in
6.use t shirt or microfiber towel/turby to get out the excess
7.seal ends with crisco cream

My products

Shea butter
Safflower oil
Castor oil
PAM evoo spray
Any silicone free conditioner
Garnier fructis conditioner
Sallys cure care conditioner
Black soap
Bee & flower soap
Aloe vera juice

Explaination;when I made this regimen (well put it in writing)it was for hair that's in maybe 20-30 twists and not the many 87 loosely installed twists I have in now.But I still can use this as a guideline,so therefore tweak as needed to fit my current style.I write down a lot of things not just hair related,because I have a habit of forgetting what worked.I hate that! Lol because then I have to try to remember starting the whole process again.As for my products,I have a huge jug used from a previous conditioner that I pour all my conditioners into.Weird right? :) I mainly do this because I don't like tons of bottles hanging around the bathroom.The same goes for my oils,the are mixed together in one container.And I'm pretty sure you noticed crisco huh? Yes *sigh* crisco has been my partner for pretty much my whole hair journey.There's a lot I have to say about that so,I'll probably do a separate post.My black soap and bee & flower soap are made into my own shampoo,I'll try to remember to post my recipe for that as well in another post.

We'll that's all for now!!

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