Monday, December 10, 2012

Where the Wild Curls Are

  There won't be much to this post, but I figured I would share some pictures off my curl pattern.
Its a rare thing for people to see my curls. I'm usually in twists or some stretched style (braidout,twistout,blowout,etc), so many think that my hair actually grows out like that.
  No, it does not :) my hair is kinky,curly along w/ many other textures all over my head.
In some areas its more of a curly wave, in others there are curls w/ the diameter of a small marker, some strands are baby fine, & some resemble sewing thread.
  Natural hair can take on so many forms! Its amazing just how much personality can be on one head! Hair that looks shoulder length is actually near waist length when stretched, beautifully kinky-curly one day yet stunningly sleek & straight the next. *sigh* don't you just love it?!
  Anywho, let me get off the blabber express. Enjoy the pics & stay blessed!!

Till next time!!

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