Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Real Talk:Asthma...Inhaling Reality

  A few weeks ago, I had an asthma attack. It came out of no where, & was so bad my best friend had to call EMS. A few days after that, I happen to look on Facebook & see that somebody had passed because of one. Seeing that really hit home, because as I've gotten older I've been very nonchalant about having this. And for a while, I even stopped refilling my inhalers. My mom has been struggling with asthma all her life,but she was also a smoker. So hey, I figured that since I don't smoke, I'll be just fine. Soooo many people have it, & that gave me even more reasons to shrug it off. Also, I've been battling with some serious muscle issues for almost 3 years now, so asthma continued to sit on the back burner.

  It shouldn't be that way, & should never even got to that point. I don't care how many people have it, any illness that prevents you from breathing is serious. Its shameful though, because I had to hear about someone passing for me to put this back in reality. I give thanks to my Heavenly Father,for He could've easily made that my last attack.
  I'm happy to report I have an inhaler with 200 pumps (close by I might add) ,with 5 or more refills AND another prescription with even more refills. :) You better believe Vannesa Marie is on top her game now.
  If you or someone you love also has asthma, PLEASE stay on top of yours as well. Don't wait untill some tragic event like I did to kick you into gear. Educate yourselves!! for we must be proactive, not reactive.
  Breathing is what we do everyday. It doesn't require much thought, if any at all. Unlike walking, talking, or feeding ourselves, it happened naturally moments after we exited our mothers womb. So simple, yet so precious. And something I won't take forgranted anymore.

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            Happy New Year!!!!

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