Friday, January 25, 2013

FAQs-Part 1

Just a few FAQs for your consumption :) more will come!

How long have you been natural?
-This Febuary (12th I think) will make 3 years...BUT I have been growing my hair out for about 4. Its important to ask how long have you been growing out your hair instead of asking how long they have been natural. Some transitioned for 2 years & then "BC", they may have only been natural for a few months when you see them.

Do you use any growth aides? (Vitamins/growth oils/etc)
-I take a multi vitamin from GNC, its not a "hair growth vitamin" either. Lol its for vegitarians. And I'm not even consistant with them. Bad Nessa, I know.

What do you use on your hair?
-I use many things. They are usually the repeat of the same products. See my staples in this post. When people ask this question, I can't help but think they think that whatever I'm using on my hair is what got it to "grow" the way it does. O_o No, our hair is always growing, its what you do to it that determines how much you retain aka how much hair you keep on your head. Funny story, I was in a grocery store one evening & these two older ladies approached me. One asked if my hair was mine,(it looked like this) then upon answering yes she asked what I use on it. I will almost always give people the exact answer they asked for. I won't go into a decription of my wash days, my regimen, finger detangling,protective styling, yada yada yada. I feel that not everyone really cares about all that lol & even if you were to tell them, they may not even take that advice because they feel its just to much work for some hair. Magic pill anyone? But anyway, I told her "crisco", because that's what I use the majority of the time. Especially on my ends if my hair is out. Gah, were they shocked!! Lol I had to throw in there that I mix it with other oils before I apply it to my hair. Boy they took that & ran w/ it! I could only imagine that they probably left the store w/ a small container of crisco & a bottle of olive oil. :-p

Do you grease your scalp?
-No,I do not. I can't remember the last time I even used grease on my hair. I really don't see the need of ME putting any kind of oil or grease on my scalp to be honest. I realize that its just something we've always done in the black community, & some people figure why should they stop. They shouldn't if its working for them. Many longer haired naturals do this with no problems. I just don't :)

How tall are you?
-Okay, this may not be a FAQ BUT its kinda an important question. I am about 5'1 or 5'2 with about 18 or 19" of hair. This puts it at the lower end of my back, I need about 20" or 21" to make waist length. For some naturals who may be a tad bit taller than me, 20" for them might put them at BSL (or bra strap length). Their torso is longer than mine, so they would probably need about 24" to make waist. Now on a child, 20" of hair just might be at their tailbone or longer depending on the height of the child. Remember this when you see somebody shorter than you, with the same amount of inches but it might be to their waist but yours is only to your bra food for thought.:)

Okay, we'll I'm going to call it quits for right now BUT I SHALL RETURN!!! Sorry its been so long since you guys have heard from me. I don't want to long of a post ;) can't have you noddin off over there.

Till next time!!

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