Monday, April 29, 2013

FAQ:Nessa, how long does it take to do your hair?

One of the main reasons many say they can not go natural,is because they think there is to much work involved. Truth be told, it really isnt. A good wash day for me (meaning my hair stays stretched throughout the week) lasts me about 4 hours. That includes detangling, washing, deep conditioning & styling. I know what you're saying, "Nessa thats still to long". We'll not really, I CHOOSE to wash every Sunday, but I COULD make it stretch for 2 weeks instead of one. So, that would mean 4 hours every 2 weeks, which isn't bad at all. Some naturals even go 4 weeks between washing sessions!!! Another thing, most naturals are extremely gentle with their hair. We take our time & don't rush through tangles. We treat our hair like silk, because the majority of afro textured hair is fine in diameter & will break easily if handled to rough. If we do the opposite, sure we'll get done faster but we'll lose some strands along the way. Multiply that by a few times a month, & we will have not retained much IF ANY length. I post a TON of pictures of my hair on FB, yes I know this. So it may seem to some that I'm always doing my hair. Nope. :) sometimes I just remove a bun, snap some photos & bun it back up. And we all know, that the less you do to afro textured hair, the more it will flourish. Also, if I'm not feeling the best on wash day, I may continue it the next day. I'm not about to be in the mirror 24/7, ESPECIALLY if I'm not feeling my best. Natural hair is what you make it. Everyone has different regimens/routines because we all live very different lives. The trick is to tailor your regimen, to fit your schedule & ofcourse TO FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. 

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