Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What has helped me,on my journey to a healthier me!

These are just some of the main things that keeps me going as I continue to shape up & strengthen.
Maybe, someone else will benefit from these as well.Enjoy!

•Not punishing myself for something I ate the day before,by either excess workouts or restricting what I eat.
•Knowing that there are no "bad foods", some foods may not be the healthiest, but nothing is bad.
•Eat what I want, when I moderation ;)
•Remembering that working out is more than just losing weight,for me. Its also pain management for whatever illness I have right now. Staying mobile keeps me & my muscles happy.
•Drinking 20oz water w/ every snack & meal. 10oz before & 10oz after.
•20 grams protein,5 grams fiber per meal & 10 grams protein,3-5 grams of fiber per snack
•Morning workouts before eating
•Staying active! Whether its jogging on the treadmill or swinging at the park. I love to swing!! Lol #bigkid
•Reading weight loss testimonials on CalorieCount or where ever & seeing the before & after photos.

Till next time!!

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